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We are a company that sells 100% edm genuine Oem parts or rare aftermarket parts.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Edm rare parts website where you can find your edm Rare or optional parts for Your Honda. You want to give your car a cleaner look? Or just want to add some more Jdm to your car. We can deliver you the parts so you can be special with your car.

We are based in Europe so we are specialist in European Honda rare parts but we sometimes got Japanese Honda parts for sale. If you got a special inquiry you are also free to contact us. We will try all of our resources to find you special rare parts.

The owner of this company started selling these parts because he didn’t wanted to work anymore for a boss. So he 100% lives from this company. The reason we grow very hard is that we only sell good parts and we throw the bad parts away.


Our goal is to get the 100%

Based in the Netherlands (Europe)


Why Honda

Honda is a company that is based in Japan but brings high quality cars to all over the world. In our opinion one of the best brands because the Vtec technology and also the durability of the cars. The owner of the company is a Honda enthusiastic and wants bring more EDM parts to all over the world.



Edm Stand for European Domestic Market. Because we based in Europe it is easier to get the European parts. So we do what we do best. We can quite deliver every part that you see on the European market. Also non-Honda so also Volkswagen or Audi.

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